Winter Cedar Wax Wings

January 23, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

In the winter there is not quite as much wildlife out as there is in the spring and summer. It is always a great time to see bald eagles, hawks and deer out but when it comes to a variety of birds it is limited. Every winter for the past few years we have had flocks of cedar wax wings come to our house and eat the berries off the crab apple trees. It is always a spectacular site to see these little birds gobble up the berries. The challenge is getting close enough to capture that moment. The cedar wax wings are in my backyard, how hard could it be? When I get lucky enough to catch them on the trees, I quickly grab my gear and try my best to sneak behind the bushes without them noticing. Occasionally I will get lucky and I am able to sneak in. Sometimes the birds will come in for a quick bite and other times they will be out there for a few minutes to an hour just eating and resting. This winter I was able to capture a few pictures and it was even snowing. They are such a neat looking bird with their sleek crest with a black mask, and the tips of bright yellow on the tail. Enjoy!


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