Have you seen the Horned Lark??

February 28, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Recently in Northeast Iowa, I have been seeing horned lark around. You might have seen them too but did not notice. As you are driving, you may have seen them along the sides of the road. They prefer bare ground, with low vegetation (bare agricultural fields). The horned lark from a distance, are easily mistaken for a sparrow. They walk instead of hop and when you look up close it has black and yellow facial markings. Look for the two small "horns" of feathers sticking up on the head. They sometimes can be found in bigger flocks, on bare ground looking for small seeds and insects.  

One day I decided to go out and see if I could get some pictures of the lark, easy right?? I headed out to some back gravel roads where there is less traffic. It was not that hard to find them but it was not an easy task to get the picture I was hoping for. Every time the car went by or stopped they would fly away. After some time I found a few that wouldn't scare off as easily. So I took my time to watch them and with some patience, I was able to get a few pictures. Sometimes with birds it is all patience and luck. 

The next time you are out for a drive take a closer look and you might see a new bird you have never seen or noticed!


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