March Photo of the Month: Have you heard the Spring Peepers??

March 21, 2017  •  Leave a Comment


Photo of the Month

Spring PeeperSpring PeeperYellow River State Forest
Allamakee County

Recently I was out searching for waterfowl during the early spring migration at a local marsh. As I was walking, I heard a familiar sound of "peep peep peep" calls. Hearing that familiar sound I knew that spring was finally here in Northeast Iowa! Spring Peepers are one of the smallest frog species in Iowa, only measuring in at 1 to 1.5 inches. They may be small, but groups of males that congregate to compete for mates by calling louder and faster can be ear splitting! The spring peeper has very large vocal sacs that it uses to create high pitched tones. They have excellent camouflage and can vary from gray to different shades of brown. The frogs can be found in woodland edge areas and prefer smaller wetlands over large, open water areas. The peepers generally breed close to dusk and throughout the evening and early morning hours. Their calls can be heard from as far as one to two and a half miles, depending on their numbers. Since the frogs only call during the migration season in spring, make sure you get outside for a hike and see if you can hear the calling of a spring peeper while you still can!


Check out this website to hear what they sound like: Spring Peeper Calling


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